How to recover Photos from memory card in digital camera

Recover photos from your digital camera with the free software ZAR (Zero Assumption Recovery). The program is available as a free version for photo recovery but one need to buy the full version to recover any other files.

If you had accidentally deleted images stored on your hard disk, you could first check the Recycle Bin to recover them. If you don’t find them in the recycle bin, you can use ZAR to recover deleted photos. ZAR is quite powerful and it is useful to recover digital photos from even disks that are so corrupted for even windows to recognize them.

If you want to recover images from a Flash memory card in your camera, then you can make use of the following tutorial to recover the deleted photos.Note that you can use ZAR for photo recovery even if the memory card was accidentally formatted or even if some sort of camera failure occurred and you could no longer access the images.

How to recover Photos from memory card?

Do not install ZAR (or any other software) on the drive from which you want to recover the images. Doing so may cause further damage to the data and reduce the probability of successful recovery. Also, never recover the photos to the damaged drive.You should avoid writes to the damaged drive at all costs.

  • Next, run the program ZAR and click NEXT

Note that any on-access (resident) antivirus monitoring software like Avast 5 or AVG 9 may impact disk access performance.In case you have such virus protection software running on your computer and the processing appear to be slow, you may temporarily disable the antivirus software.

photo recovery

The run-time control panel can be used to adjust disk I/O settings “on the fly”. This is useful for processing a drive with bad sectors. All the changes made to the configuration are in effect for the next I/O operation (i.e. “immediately” for most conditions).

The following are the recommended settings for the run-time control:

For a good disk i.e. disk with no bad sectors, you may use the following configuration.

  • “Timeout” – set to 1000 ms.
  • “Retry attempts” – set to 0.
  • “Avoid repeated retries” – enable.
  • “Skip factor” – set to 0.

For a disk with bad sectors, it is recommended to have the following settings.

  • “Timeout” – set to 200 ms unless doing RAID recovery. For a RAID recovery, set to 500.
  • “Retry attempts” – set to 1 unless the analysis is unacceptably slow. To increase speed, set to 0.
  • “Avoid repeated retries” – enable.
  • “Skip factor” – set to 32, unless the analysis is unacceptably slow. To increase speed, gradually increase “Skip factor” until satisfactory speed is achieved.

“Force bus reset” should be disabled in most applications, even on a disk with a bad sectors.

  • Next, select “Recover images from a digital camera memory card” under the “Select the recovery type” option and click NEXT button
Recover Photos from memory card
  • Select the physical device from which you want to recover photos. The device can be identified by the “Model” and “Capacity” fields. If you are trying to recover images from a camera and it is not listed as a device, use a card reader device.
  • Then, Click “Next >>” to start photo recovery
Recover photos from camera
  • It is always preferable to use a card reader device to read the memory card. Scan Performance may not be be good enough if you use a camera.
Image Recovery
  • After the scan is complete, ZAR recognizes and list all photos for recovery. Select the photos to recover by clicking their corresponding check boxes. To select all photos for recovery, mark the “ROOT” entry and click “Next >>”
Mark photos to recover
  • Finally, enter the destination folder to save the recovered photos and Click “Start copying the selected files” to recover photos to the selected folder
Zar File Recovery

That is all! Enjoy recovering photos with ZAR, a free photo recovery software.

You can try Photorec to recover lost pictures and CRW Repair to recover canon pictures.

You can also check the completely free Recuva to recover deleted files.

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  1. Hey this is very useful and I still have a memory card which has images in it and I will follow the above steps now.

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