Recycle Bin Manager to manage deleted files in windows

“Recyclebinex” is an advanced recycle bin manager and this software is available for free download! It adds some extra capabilities to the default windows recycle bin and it thereby makes it easy for you to easily manage deleted files.

Recycle bin is a windows utility present in all versions of the operating system from Windows 98 to Windows 7. Whenever you delete any file or folder in windows by selecting it and pressing the “Delete” button or by choosing “Delete..” in the right click context menu, the file or folder is moved to the recycle bin. Though Windows provides you the option to empty the recycle bin, it doesn’t allow you to selectively delete a few files.

Recycle bin manager

Recyclebinex adds this selective deletion capability to the default windows recycle bin utility. With RecycleBinEx, you can sort the items in the recycle bin or group them by “deleted time”, logical disk from which the files or folders were deleted, etc. You can then select and remove the grouped items in the recycle bin. For example, you can delete all items which were moved to the recycle bin 3 months ago with a single click!

Recyclebinex can be easily added to the right click context menu of the default Windows recycle bin utility. After being added, it will provide the ability to selectively delete the items therein. Advanced users may even use Recyclebinex through the command line interface(CLI), if they desire. In CLI mode, they can write scripts to automate tasks such as “remove the items 15 days ago from recycle bin” and let recyclebinex to execute it automatically.

If you have dual operating systems installed on your PC i.e. if you have both windows 7 and windows xp installed on a single hard disk, you can manage the deleted items of both the OS from one single OS that you are logged into i.e. if you are logged into windows 7, you may even manage the recycle bin items of Windows XP installed on the same disk.

Features of Recyclebinex:

Find below some of the features of the recycle bin manager Recyclebinex.

  • Ability to group items by deleted time, logical disk etc.
  • Manage deleted items in the recycle bin of either of the windows OS, in a dual operating environment
  • Can be easily added to the context menu of the recycle bin
  • Support for Jump lists in Windows 7
download recyclebinex
  • Easy to filter deleted data
  • Can be used through a command line interface

It works on windows 7, windows xp, vista and all earlier versions of Windows. Free download recyclebinex and manage you windows recycle bin with ease.

Recyclebinex works even if you had deleted the recycle bin icon in Vista. It it is however easier to restore the recycle bin icon in vista.

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