Refine your Google searches easily with xippee

Refine your google or yahoo or Live searches easily with xippee. Xippee is a browser plugin available for Firefox, Internet Explorer 7 (IE7), Opera, Safari and can be used on over eighty search engines including Google, Yahoo, and MSN Live.

Quite often, researches via search engine turn out to be an iterative process.You type in a few keywords, get the results and further fine tune your queries, to get what you are actually looking for.Sometimes, you would have entered the right keywords but you would not be getting the expected results.This quite often happens with ambiguous keywords, that has more than one meaning.So you go ahead and provide more clarity, by adding or subtracting keywords.

Let us take “Chrome” as an example.The moment you type chrome in Google and press “Search” you would get atleast 104,000,000 results.Most of the results on the first few pages, would only be about the latest Google browser Chrome.

But what if you were actually looking for the rock music group from San Francisco, also known as Chrome. Or you might even be looking for the chemical element chromium.To get your results, you can go ahead and provide clarity to you keywords, by subtracting Google chrome.Xippee helps in this search refinement process.All you need to do is highlight Google chrome and press “-” in xippee’s tool.Automatically all stories pertaining to Google chrome browser are eliminated from the results.

Free download Xippee for your firefox or IE 7 or safari or opera browser and install it.

refine searches with xippee, firefox and ie addon

refine searches with xippee, safari and opera addon

Refine your searches with xippee (video):

Here are a few facts about Chrome:

Do you know that there is a website “” created way back on 25 Feb 1994, but still does not find a place in the first few pages of search results for “chrome“!

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