Remote Desktop Connection and Sharing over the Web

Free Remote Desktop Connection and Sharing over Internet – Meeting, Chatting, File Sharing and Desktop Sharing

– We had earlier told you about UltraVNC download and desktop sharing with Mikogo! Today, we are going to tell you about this amazingly free and secure way to not only share your computer screen, but also to remotely control the PC, share files and broadcast a presentation.

The service from is about sharing your screen to several users and you can do it in a secured manner (HTTPS). It essentially means that you can not only broadcast a PowerPoint presentation to users seated in front of you (with their own computers), but to users across the world. is thus an impromptu meeting space and you can share the desktop instantly with your users. is also about file sharing, as you can instantly share a file with any user, by simply clicking the file sharing icon against that user. Though you can send a file to only one participant at a time, you never know when this would be handy.

File Sharing also provides a free chat tool to chat with all or any of your participants.

Free Chat Tool

How doe work?

This is how works.

Go to and click “Share“. The application will download and run automatically. Once it is ready, you will find this.

You can then share the multi-digit code or the “personal link” (available for pro users), with people that you want to invite to view your desktop. What is cool is you can share your computer screen with up to 250 participants!

Participants have to go to and simply type the multi-digit code or personal link in the join box. They should have Adobe Flash Player 10 installed on their computers and use one of the supported browsers – Internet Explorer 9 (IE 8, 7, 6), Firefox, Chrome or Safari.

Remote Desktop Connection

You can not only share the desktop, but you can also pause it anytime to temporarily pause sharing your screen. Participants can’t see your screen when the meeting is paused. And you could certainly remove a participant from the meeting anytime.

It is not just about sharing your desktop, but you could also let a remote user to control your desktop. To do so, simply click the “mouse” icon and choose the user. However, you retain the ability to control the desktop and you are just allowing the other user to share such control. You can also stop sharing the control anytime, by simply clicking the mouse icon against that user again.

Desktop Sharing

Both the presenter and the viewers can change their names anytime, and the viewers can even share files with the presenter.

If you don’t want to download every time you share your desktop, you can install it permanently on your computer when you end a meeting. Jone me is not only for windows users but it is also for Mac users. They just need to run Mac OS X Leopard or later on an Intel platform.

Pro users of can lock the meeting, so that users who want to attend, have to knock to request permission. They can then choose to allow or ignore the request. Pro users can also add others to their account as presenters.


  • Other than all those listed above, what is cool is that you don’t have to create an account (unless you opt for a pro account) to use the free service and you don’t even have to share your email address!


  • Sounds played on the presenter’s computer are not shared with meeting participants. This was disappointing and we hope the developers will work on it soon.

Go to and get started.

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