Remove Virus Effects and Restore Virus Disabled Windows Tools

Remove Virus Effects and Restore Virus Disabled Windows Tools with Virus Effects Remover. This free open source tool is available both as an installable and a portable version.

We had earlier told you about the AVG 9.0 Free Download, Avast Antivirus free download and Avira Antivirus free download. While those are excellent antivirus software that would help in cleaning up the viruses, they may not always be good enough to undo the damages caused by viruses. Quite often, people complain that virus disabled internet access,virus disabled CD ROM, virus disabled display,virus disabled sound, virus disabled internet, virus disabled network etc. Virus Effects Remover is one answer to these complaints.

Virus Effects Remover is a small tool that does a pretty good job of removing the effects of either a live virus (a virus which is active on your PC) or those that are left-over by a killed virus in the Windows Operating System. It thus helps removing any damaging ‘Effects’ caused by Viruses or Trojans from the Windows Registry and the Windows File Systems.

For example certain viruses may block or disable the essential built-in windows tools like the Task Manager (Taskman), Registry editor (regedit), Folder Options, WinUpdate and more. Virus Effects Remover helps in undoing the damages by re-enabling all such Windows Tools.

Virus Effects Remover Will also detect the “auto run” status of removable media like USB Thumb/Pen Drives and fixed media like the hard drives. Virus Effects Remover can also disable a virus (even a running one), and prevent it from loading again (during windows boot up), with little user interaction.

Virus Removal

Features of Virus Effects Remover:

  • Has a registry integration fix for “WinAutoUpdate”
  • New form added for USB option , Suspicious file
  • Has a good NTFS Security details page
  • Is not only light-weight but also has a lower memory foot-print, and more complexity in process scan
  • Is available as a Binary file, without an installer

Virus Effects Remover has numerous small built-in tools like Protect Drive from Autorun, USB Storage Device options, DirectX Diagnostic tool and many more. Free download the Virus Effects Remover from here and the portable version from here, remove virus effects and restore Virus Disabled Windows utilities.

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