Replace about:blank With Browser Start Page

Replace About:Blank, which displays a blank HTML document, with a perfect browser start page provided by While the browser lets you replace about:blank with or any other favorite start page of yours, lets you have several internet start pages through a single cool interface.

Amit of Digital Inspiration suggested a few web addresses that will show you something new and interesting each time you open the browser. But you can now have them all via one single interface –

about blank,, Browser Start Page, Internet Start Page helps you create an online start page with everything you love. These can be bookmarks, RSS feeds, games, music, photos, videos, news or friends on all your popular social networks. provides a cool visual start page for your browser and lets you read, view, listen and play from one place. If you have got several online profiles on different social networks like facebook, twitter, LinkedIn and more, makes your internet life simpler and more organized, by bringing all your online accounts together in one place.! This browser start page lets you easily access your sources of web content like YouTube (videos), Flickr (photos), LastFM (music), Delicious(websites) and more. You can not only access them easily but also discover content similar to what you like the most.

44tips photos
44tips videos makes it easier to share your favorite content with friends and family. They even make it easier to share (publish) content through twiter and facebook. It would have been great if they had even let me reply to friends via and auto refresh the content in ajax mode. But the site is still in beta and we can definitely accept a lot more new features.

44tips twitter, 44tips facebook, 44tips linkedin is a great new website and the browser start page cannot be better than it. Replace about:Blank with as your web start page and enjoy cool, neat and simple browsing.

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