Resize Windows in XP or Vista

Resize Windows in XP or vista with MoveMe. Are you wondering why do we need a software for resizing Windows? Well, if you use a Notebook having a Touchpad, we may find it easy to resize Windows with a shortcut key rather than the Touchpad.

MoveMe provides keyboard shortcuts to resize windows. It also provides shortcut keys to move and Center any Window or dialog or form, on your PC or Notebook Screen. It also lets you hide or show the Windows Taskbar with shortcut keys.

How to use MoveME?

Free download MoveMe. Extract the contents of the zip to any preferred folder location. Run MoveME.exe. The application adds itself as an icon in the Windows system tray.

To resize any active window, hold down (WIN + SHIFT) keys and use the appropriate arrow keys, to resize windows in any desired direction. For eg: To resize windows towards the left, hold down (WIN + SHIFT) keys and press the left arrow key.

To hide Windows Taskbar, hold down WIN key and press X. To show it again, repeat the same shortcut. To scroll windows, hold down WIN key and press the appropriate arrow keys. To center any active window, hold down WIN key and press T.

MoveME works on windows XP and Vista. However, when I tested it on Vista, scrolling and centering Windows did not work properly. MoveME is a very tiny application and is exremely useful on Notebooks or laptops with Touchpad. As keyboard shortcuts are always easy and quick to use, MoveME is also very helpful to resize windows , on PC/computer systems running Windows XP or Vista.

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