Samsung Kies Mini for Mac

Samsung Kies Mini for Mac (Free Download)

– We earlier told you on how you could download Samsung Kies, an excellent free software to sync your samsung smartphones on computers running windows 7, vista and XP. So far, Mac users using Samsung smartphones were unlucky, as they couldn’t use it, but not any more!

Yes, on popular demand, Samsung Kies Mini is now available for Mac as well. This essentially enables USB connection between your Samsung mobile and the Mac and also provides you the ability to do firmware upgrade and PIMs sync. If you own a Mac computer, you no longer need to borrow your friend’s PC running windows 7, to do the firmware upgrade on your Samsung smartphone. Unfortunately, this Samsung Kies Mini for mac can only work with Wave(GT-S8500) and Wave II (GT-S8530). Samsung Wave series of smartphones run on Bada OS, a mobile operating system being actively developed by Samsung Electronics.

If you are from U.S, owning a T-Mobile’s samsung vibrant or AT&T’s Samsung Captivate, you are out of luck and you still need to borrow a windows PC, if you don’t have one.

If you are on Windows OS, check out the new Samsung PC Studio to manage content across your computer and Samsung mobile phones. If you are a mobile app developer, download android SDK for Mac and Windows, to develop android apps.
Samsung Kies Mini for Mac

Samsung Kies Mini works only on Mac OS X version 10.5 or later and requires you to have a 1.8GHz Intel or faster processor with a minimum of 512MB RAM.

Click “Software” and you will find the file for Mac. All it needs is 30MB of disk space and if you have it, you can enjoy the new Samsung Kies Mini for Mac!

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  1. The download link is not for Kies Mini for Mac. It´s for a PC and where can I find the right link?

  2. You will find it below the files for PC. It is clearly visible and I am not sure how you are missing it. Did you click the “software” tab?

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