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Free Download Samsung PC Studio for windows 7, windows xp and vista

Samsung PC Studio is a computer program to organize and use the contents inside your PC and samsung mobile phone better! The new Samsung PC Studio allows users to not only manage the music files, images and videos on their computer better, but also to manage important personal information (PIM) such as the address book, messages and schedules in their Samsung mobile phones.

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The Samsung New PC Studio (NPS) provides you with convenient access to any of your Samsung mobile phone and manage data via easy backup and sync tools, while enjoying cool and powerful multimedia features.

Samsung New PC Studio – Features

The following are some useful features in the new Samsung PC Studio.

  • PIMs Management – Manage or backup phone book, schedules and messages on a mobile phone. It also lets you synchronize personal data with MS Outlook.
  • Multimedia Management – Manage, edit and play contents such as music, photos, and video files.
  • Firmware Upgrade – Get informed of any new firmware and upgrade your Samsung mobile phone to the latest firmware.

How to connect PC Studio to Samsung Mobile phone?

After downloading and installing Samsung PC Studio, the first step in using it is to Connect the mobile phone and the PC using the data cable. Then, select the PC Studio (PC Manager) connection mode on your mobile phone.

When the mobile phone is connected to the computer via USB or Bluetooth, the connected phone is shown as an icon. You may then run the Mobile Phone Explorer which will show the files in your PC. Simply, drag & drop files in the Explorer bar, to transfer them to the web or the connected mobile phone. You can then check the files in the mobile phone.

PC Studio program consists of a collection of useful widgets.To configure widgets that provide the various functions of the New Samsung PC studio, run “widget setting” by clicking on it (icon). then, select any widget to be added or deleted and click OK to reconfigure the widget dock.

Samsung PC Studio

Using PC Studio Easy Start to transfer data from phone to PC

Using the new PC Studio Easy Start, you can easily save the mobile phone data to your PC. You can easily import photos and videos from you mobile phone to the PC and also sync the phone book.

Easy Start is automatically run when the mobile phone is connected to Samsung New PC Studio. If needed, click the connected mobile phone’s icon to run “Easy Start”.

Manage and synchronize Phone book

By clicking the Phone book icon at the bottom, you can easily manage the Phone book in your mobile phone by retrieving the data to the PC and also sending back the PC data to the mobile Phone. It is also easy to synchronize the mobile phone with the PC Phone book, using the “Phone book” widget.

Sync PC and Samsung Mobile Phone

Manage Photos and videos using Samsung PC Studio Media Manager

To start managing your media files, click the “Media Manager” icon at the bottom of the Stage screen.Using PC Studio media manager, you can centrally manage music, photo and video files in a PC and easily send them to your Samsung mobile phone.

You can also use PC Studio to send multimedia files like photos, videos and music to Flickr, Facebook or Youtube, using the “My Computer” Explorer or the Mobile Phone Explorer.

You can check out these best free online storage solutions to back up your photos and videos.
PC Studio Media Manager

You can also conveniently drag and drop files managed by Media Manager, to send them to any media website supported by the New PC studio.

Click “To Web” to use the web service by logging to Web posting settings. If you do not have an account with that website, click “Membership Enrollment” and create an account by following the enrollment guidance on the site (Flickr, Facebook or Youtube).

Select the files to be sent from “My Computer Explorer”, drag and drop them over “To Web” icon, to transfer to Flickr, Facebook or Youtube.

PC Studio Web Manager

There are also widgets (tools) to easily upgrade your mobile phone firmware (“Upgrade Mobile Phone” widget) and to synchronize data between your smartphone and MS Outlook (“Outlook Sync” widget).

Download Samsung PC Studio

You can download Samsung PC Studio here and install it on your computer. Your PC should run Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP(SP2) or Windows 2000(SP4) to install this free software. Further, your computer should have Pentium 600 MHz or higher, and at-least 512 MB RAM and 200MB free hard disk space. You also need to run Microsoft DirectX 9.0 or higher. (You can either download Directx 11 or Directx 10 for windows 7, vista or XP.)

Download and double click the executable file to install and enjoy the Samsung New PC Studio!

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