How to Save Flash Files?

Adobe Flash is a popular file format and is widely used to create animations and interactive websites. Flash Files usually have a .swf file extension and the SWF files are also called “ShockWave Flash” movies or “Flash movies”. SWF files may be embedded in a web page or played in a standalone Flash Player or they may be incorporated into a Projector, a self-executing Flash movie.

Flash Files are commonly used for creating animations, games and interactive internet applications. Adobe Flash Player is required to play flash movies or games embedded in web pages and it is available for many commonly used web browsers, mobile phones and other electronic devices.But what if you want to download and save a flash file to play them offline? This is a tutorial on how to download and save flash files from web pages that embed them.

How to Save Flash Files?

Flash Saving Plugin is a plugin for Internet Explorer or other IE based browsers like Avant, Maxthon, etc. and it lets you easily save Flash Files from web pages you browse. This plugin adds a button to Internet Explorer toolbar. Whenever you visit a web page containing flash movies or games or videos, the button displays the names of all such Flash files, that are loaded on the current web page. Click the button and select the folder to download the flash file. Then, click a flash file name and the corresponding Flash file will be downloaded and saved to the folder specified. You can also download all the flash files embedded in a web page by choosing Save All.

Download Flash Files

There is also a gallery mode where the URL, the file size and the last modification date are shown for every Flash file. You can even modify the flash file name in this mode.

Flash Saving Plugin also has a built-in SWF Cache Viewer that lets you conveniently view and save cached Flash (SWF) files. Some web sites open Flash files in a pop up window without the toolbar, thus making it impossible to use the button or the context menu command. SWF Cache Viewer is very handy in those situations to download and save Flash files. SWF Cache Viewer can also be used to view flash files stored in any folder on your PC or in Mozilla Firefox cache.

Save Flash Files

Free download Flash Saving Plugin from here and save flash files in Internet Explorer or extract and save them from Mozilla Firefox cache with SWF Cache Viewer.

Flash Saving Plugin also lets you free download Youtube Videos. You can also Convert Flash To Video with SWF to AVI, a free converter program.Save flash Files and use a flash player to watch them on your computer.

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  1. How to Save Flash Files?…

    This is a tutorial on how to download and save flash files from web pages that embed them….

  2. Greetings from Germany — I have just downloaded Flash Saving Plugin onto my computer in able to store/retrieve my foto slideshow which I created by … but the swf cache folder won’t open & when I open the internet options folder to locate its source it isn’t there … no .swf file so I don’t know where to look. really makes it impossible[or is it ?!]to copy their slideshows with my pictures — please provide some technical advice … advanced thanks … -G.

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