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Do you know how to schedule your emails, to send it at a later date or time, in your Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail accounts? Do you know how to create group mailing lists for your Gmail or Yahoo or Hotmail contacts? Here are some cool tips to schedule your emails for a later date or time and to create group mailing lists for your Gmail or Yahoo or Hotmail contacts. is a cool service that lets you achieve all the above. All you need to do is sign up with them, by providing the following information.

  • Name – This name is used for your scheduled mails.This will let the recipients identify the sender.
  • Email address – This will be used as the return address i.e. all replies from the recipients will be delivered to the mail box represented by this email address
  • Timezone – When you schedule an email, this timezone is used. You can thus schedule emails using your local time.
  • Password – password to access your account with

Features of

  • You can create rich looking HTML emails.
  • You can send emails from any of your email accounts i.e Gmail or Yahoo or Hotmail
  • You can import your contact list from any of your mailboxes (Gmail, Yahoo etc.) and also easily create group mailing lists.
  • You have full control over your scheduled emails and you can edit them anytime before you send it.
  • You can choose the local timezone for scheduling your emails.
  • You can schedule recurring emails
  • You need not have to login to, whenever you want to schedule your emails.You can schedule the emails from you own email account.

However, you may not be able to send attachments.But the development team have promised to include this feature in a future release. The service has now included this feature.

If you find this service to be useful, go to and sign up for a free account. does not deliver any ads with the content of your scheduled emails.

Do you find this service useful? How else could this service be used?

One comment on “Schedule emails from gmail, yahoo & hotmail accounts

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  2. i wouldn’t like to share my password with this LetterMeLater.
    What is the guranttee that it is secure and wouldn’t do something nasty?

    I heard something bad about a program and now im really scared.

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