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Get the free screen capture software called “Ducklink screen capture” to capture screen-shots of your computer screen in windows XP! The tool offers four different capture modes and has a simple and intuitive interface.

Windows 7 and Vista have a built-in utility called “Snipping Tool”, which allows users to easily take screen-shots of any rectangular area or free-form area of the computer screen and to directly save it as an image in JPG or PNG formats. This is unlike the computer’s “Print Screen” utility, which captures the “full screen” of the desktop and copies it to the clipboard. Later, this has to be pasted to a word document or the MS Paint editor and saved as an image.

The Snipping Tool was first introduced in Windows XP Tablet PC Edition. However, the snipping tool is not available in non-tablet XP versions or earlier versions of Windows. Here we will review a free tool called “Ducklink Screen Capture” which offers ways to capture either the full screen or any portion of the computer screen in windows XP.

This tool is an excellent free alternative to “Snagit” and it offers the following modes of screen capture.

  • Capture the window in focus.
  • Capture a region – Mark a rectangular region on the screen and capture the marked region.
  • Capture the full screen
  • Capture a scrolling window. One good example is the browser window. This works on internet explorer, Firefox, Google chrome and safari
Free Screen Capture Tool

You can set hot-keys for the different capture modes and also choose to either save the captured screen-shots to the clipboard or as images in JPG or PNG formats.

Free download Ducklink Screen Capture.

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