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Search And Replace is an essential feature in any text editor.Most text editors support the feature that helps you to change the same word or value throughout the text file.Some good text editors provide support for Search and Replace text in multiple text files.But you would be required to first open the text files in those programs, before you perform the “Find And Replace“.TextCrawler is a handy tool that will let you modify the same words in multiple text files, without opening them.

TextCrawler is a free Search and Replace program, that enables you to instantly find and replace words and phrases across multiple files and folders. . TextCrawler is not only free but it is also easy to use. It can search and replace straight text and even supports advanced search/replace via regular expressions.

  • Open the program.
  • Specify the type of files to find (e.g. – *.txt – all text files) against “Filename Filter”. You can even specify multiple file types separated by semicolon (;).
  • Specify the text to search for, or a Regular Expression against “Find”. You can click Find button to find their occurences
  • Specify the replacement text against Replace.
  • click Replace to perfrom Find and Replace

That is all. Results List displays a detailed list of files which match the search. You can right click on a file for more options. The Preview Pane displays list of matches within selected file, by line number. Matches are highlighted in red. Click on the < and > buttons to cycle through matches.

If a file in the results list is ticked and ‘In Marked files only’ is selected, then the next operation will only take place on the selected file(s).

There is also a Batch Replace Tool in TextCrawler that allows you to build a batch process out of find/replace pairs which have been saved in the library. These batch processed can be loaded and saved. When the ‘Use’ button is clicked the commands are queued, and find/replace searches can be performed as normal – however the queued multiple operations are performed on each file in turn.

TextCrawler also lets you extract all occurrences of regular expression matches to a separate text window. This text can then be copied or saved. For example, you could use this function to extract all email addresses from a folder of files.

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Features of Find and Replace Tool – TextCrawler:

  • Find and Replace across files
  • Fast searching, even on large files.
  • Simple to use interface
  • Flexible search parameters
  • Text Extractor – rip text into a new file
  • Search and replace using Regular Expressions. Create sophisticated searches.
  • Regular Expression test tool
  • Regular Expression library – Save your searches.
  • Create backup files
  • Highlighted search results
  • Export Results
  • Batch find and replace operations

Free download TextCrawler from here and enjoy the free Search and Replace Tool that works on windows Vista and Windows XP.

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