Search bookmarks and history in Firefox

Firefox (since version 3.0) has an inbuilt feature to search bookmarks and history.This is very convenient to search for web pages that you have bookmarked or visited earlier.

We may browse through several web pages and bookmark a few of them. But over time, the bookmarks may become too many and it becomes an arduous task to locate a particular link.There may also be a situation where you browsed a particular web page, but failed to bookmark it.Later on, when you find a need to refer the web page, you may not remember the actual link.

In either of the above situations, if you happen to remember a few keyword/s in the title or the URL of those web pages (bookmarked or visited earlier and has traces in the history), Firefox’s inbuilt feature to search bookmarks and history will be very handy.

Firefox’s search bookmarks and history feature has been integrated with the address bar and all you need to do to locate a web page in either the bookmarks or the history is to type those keyword/keywords into the address bar and press Enter. Firefox will automatically search the history and bookmarks for any web page containing those keywords.

For example, I used to determine the other sites hosted on a sever where my site is hosted by doing a reverse IP through a simple web interface that I have bookmarked.Instead of digging through several folders in my bookmark list, to find out the web interface, I can simply type the keywords “reverse IP” in the Firefox address bar and press enter.Firefox will automatically search history and bookmarks for web pages containing the keywords “reverse IP” in the title or the URL and list them.

While a yellow star to the right of a web page URL indicates that it has been pulled from the bookmarks, all other web pages (without the yellow star) are those pulled from history stored in the Firefox browser.

Search bookmarks and history

Enjoy the search bookmarks and history feature in Firefox.

SearchMark Firefox add-on:

You can also try the SearchMark plugin to search your Firefox bookmarks and history using keywords or phrases in the bookmarked websites or browsing history.

SearchMark plugin automatically creates and adds two Google Custom Search Engines to the Firefox search box, One for the browser bookmarks and the other for the history.

The plugin works by anonymously mirroring your browser history and bookmarks to the SearchMark server. This information is then automatically provided to Google to populate your very own bookmark and history search engines.

When you first install SearchMark, it will collect your browser bookmarks and history and send them to This will create your account (an anonymous account) that is assigned a unique numeric ID. This ID is returned to Firefox and is stored in your Firefox preferences. This ID is the only link between your computer and SearchMark. If you uninstall SearchMark it will not automatically remove this ID. To be sure this link is removed you will need to edit the “about:config” settings and remove the “” property.

However, SearchMark does not store any personally identifiable information.

Download SearchMark from here and search bookmarks and history in firefox.

Update: Searchmark is no longer available in the Firefox add-in gallery.However, there is now a searchmark extension for Google chrome to search bookmarks.

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