Search Google And Wolfram Alpha

Wolfram Alpha is the latest and the most hyped search engine that gives you data, figures and graphs for any of your queries. While this is good for certain types of queries, it is not that efficient for many other search queries and you still have to fallback on Google Search for getting the right results.

Wolfram Alpha is very good for certain queries of educational nature, like geographical questions or statistics, and it is good to know its results for such queries.Wolfram Alpha Google solves this problem for you by combining Google Search and Wolfram Alpha Search and making your searches more powerful and meaningful.Wolfram Alpha Google is a firefox add-on that adds a little icon to the bottom and a button to the Google search page.

When you type in your Search query and hit Enter, Google throws up its search results much faster, and the Wolfram Alpha Engine responds a few seconds later. You must remember that Wolfram Alpha is still in the early stages and it definitely needs a lot of work to make it more efficient.But those of you who still feel like having the Wolfram Alpha’s results, download this firefox add-on called Wolfram Alpha Google and enjoy the Google + Wolfram Alpha search capabilities on your firefox browser.

Download the firefox extension from here

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