Search Text in Files With DocFetcher

Search text in files with the free open source utility Docfetcher. This software is available for both Windows and Linux and it lets you search text or blocks of text in a file or multiple files located in a Linux or windows folder or directory.

Docfetcher is a search engine for the file repository in windows or Linux and it can search text in any document stored on your windows PC or Linux system. It is fast and it works by creating index files on which the searches are performed. You can either create permanent indexes for large file repositories that change less frequently, or temporary indexes for quick full-text searches on files in small folders.

To create a temporary index, right-click on a folder and select the menu item “Search With DocFetcher“. Temporary indexes are automatically disposed after program termination. You can however choose to retain those temporary indexes. As with any other search index, the indexing process in DocFetcher might take a few minutes for larger file repositories but it is pretty quick with indexing files in small folders.

These index files help in speeding up the text search. To find files containing your keywords, enter them into DocFetcher’s search box and hit Enter.DocFetcher will list all documents that contain these words, in a few seconds.

Another cool feature of DocFetcher is its indexes are automatically updated, when files in the corresponding windows folders or Linux directories are modified, irrespective of whether it is running or not. This is achieved through a daemon that waits in the background and monitors all indexed folders. The daemon is optimized for performance with minimal CPU usage. It achieves this by remembers indexes that need to be updated, the next time DocFetcher is launched.

DocFetcher indexes only what you need, and not the entire hard drive. Further, it indexes documents only and other files are ignored.

DocFetcher is also portable and you can put all your files in it and freely move the entire folder around (i.e., DocFetcher + indexes + documents). Thus, it can be moved across computers, encrypted volumes (TrueCrypt), CD-ROMs, USB drives or any removable media. The portable version can also be used for sharing an indexed file repository across local area networks or across operating systems in a Windows/Linux dual boot system.

DocFetcher can be used to scan and search text in files of the following formats.

  • HTML and plain text (both customizable)
  • Portable Document Format (pdf)
  • Microsoft Office (doc, xls, ppt)
  • Microsoft Office 2007, Office 2010 (docx, xlsx, pptx)
  • Writer, Calc, Draw and Impress (odt, ods, odg, odp)
  • Rich Text Format (rtf)
  • AbiWord (abw, abw.gz, zabw)
  • Microsoft Compiled HTML Help (chm)
  • Microsoft Visio (vsd)
  • Scalable Vector Graphics (svg)
Search Text in Files

Notable Features in Docfetcher

  • Files can be excluded from indexing using regular expressions.
  • DocFetcher’s interface lets you create folders, insert new files and perform various other file operations on the document repository
  • DocFetcher has a preview panel that highlights the search term.
  • It also has a simple built-in web browser
  • Results of the “Text Search” operation can be sorted and filtered by different criteria including file type, file size, path, etc.

DocFetcher does well what it claims to do and it is a fast and trustworthy full text search engine for your file repository. Free download DocFetcher and run a quick search for text in file repositories.

You can also try TextCrawler to search and replace text in files.

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