Secure Gmail (Google) account with HTTPS connection

Secure Gmail (Google) account, by accessing your gmails in SSL (Secured socket layer) mode i.e. by accessing over HTTPS connection. HTTPS access to gmail provides an SSL-encrypted login by default and your Gmail password is always encrypted, when sent over the Internet.

Google Desktop uses SSL for indexing Gmail:

If you’ve enabled Gmail indexing via Google Desktop, note that it uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) to connect to Gmail and download your messages to the Google Desktop index on your computer. This SSL provides the same level of security as your browser when visiting secure sites.Google Desktop stores an encrypted version of your Gmail username and password on your computer/notebook/laptop, to access your Gmail Account.

Access Gmail over HTTPS and stop getting hacked:

Access you gmails in Secured (HTTPS) mode and protect your Google (Gmail) account from getting hacked. Though accessing Gmail over HTTPS is considerably slower over the HTTP connection, it is much safer and secure to use.HTTPS access to Gmails are slower, as browsers do not cache these pages and hence they must reload the code that makes Gmail work.

Protect your gmail from getting hacked. Secure your Gmail account by accesing it over HTTPS.

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