How to secure USB Flash Drive Data

Do you want to secure the USB flash drive? You can do this by creating a flash drive container using secretdrive!

USB Flash drives are small and can be carried easily, but if they are lost or stolen, the risk of your data getting leaked is high.Hence, it is vital to secure data in your USB flash drive.You can achieve this by creating a flash drive container using secretdrive.

How to secure USB Flash Drive

  • 1. First, clean the flash drive by removing all files and folders or formatting it using NTFS file system.
  • 2. Next select “File => Create flash drive container…” menu item.
Create virtual drive
  • 3. SecretDrive will search all available removable devices and display the following dialog.
USB Flash Drive
  • 4. You can select a flash drive and click “OK”.You would then be redirected to the “Create container wizard” from where you can create a virtual disk on your USB flash drive. This disk can be protected with a strong password.

To mount such a flash container, just plug in your flash drive. SecretDrive will find it and display the “mount” dialog automatically. There will be two disks mounted i.e. a flash drive and a virtual disk. You can save your data to the virtual disk in the USB flash drive.

After finishing your work, do not unplug the flash drive immediately. You must first dismount the virtual disk. To do it, open SecretDrive and use the “Dismount” command. If you miss this step, you will get the following error.

USB Flash Drive Error

Also do not forget to safely remove the USB flash drive.

That is all! Isn’t it a good way to secure USB flash drive data? However, the only drawback is you need to have SecretDriveinstalled on the PC where you want use the USB flash drive.But it is a free application and you can download and install it on any PC running 32-bit windows.

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