Send emails quickly and anonymously with Quick Email Sender

Send emails quickly and anonymously with Quick Email Sender.This is free windows desktop email sending utility, that lets you send emails without logging on to your mailbox.

Quick Email Sender can be used to send emails from any of of your many email addreasses without logging on to those mail boxes.Simply fill the “From” email address, “To” email address, compose the message and send it.You will have to be obviously connected to the internet to send the email.

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You may be using different mail boxes for different purposes (business, personal etc).Now this tool simplifies the task of sending those personal or business mails without signing in.Isn’t that cool? You can even send the emails from any existent or non existent email addresses i.e. You can even send anonymous emails.The tool also provides an option to sync your contact list from Gmail.

Free download Qmail (Quick Email Sender) and send emails anonymously and quickly.

4 comments on “Send emails quickly and anonymously with Quick Email Sender

  1. BTW you should mention in your post that this software requires .NET Framework to work properly.

  2. It does not seem to work for me. I have tried sending emails to mya yahoo and gmail accounts with no success.

    Also, it does not seem to work on Vista.

  3. It works and i tested it again on XP. But I have not tested it on vista. Ensure that you have .NET Framework installed..

  4. Update: after a while I got my messages. So, it works 🙂

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