Send faxes in windows vista by turning your PC’s built-in fax modem into a fax machine

Windows vista lets you turn your PC’s built-in fax modem into a fax machine and send faxes, thereby helping you save money on paper and fax cartridges.Thus, Windows vista makes a physical fax machine redundant, if your PC has a built-in fax modem.

Faxing in Windows Vista is a much more official feature than it was in Windows XP.Sending a fax is even easier on a PC than on a real fax machine. You will have to just use the regular File Print command, as though you’re making a printout of the onscreen document. When faxes come in, you can opt to have them printed automatically or read them on the computer screen.

The only big limitation of PC-based faxing is that you can only transmit documents that are on the computer. That pretty much rules out faxing notes scribbled on a legal pad, clippings from People magazine, and so on, unless you get them scanned.

How to fax in Windows vista?

Open up whatever document you want to fax. Choose –> FilePrint.The Print dialog box appears.
Click the Fax icon or choose Fax from the Name drop-down list and then click OK or Print.

When you try faxing for the first time, you encounter the Fax Setup Wizard. It first asks you to type a name for your fax modem.

Next, it will require you to specify what should happen when someone sends a fax to you (that is, when the phone line that your PC is connected to “rings”). Click “Automatically” if you want Windows to answer incoming calls after five rings, assuming that the incoming call is probably a fax.

If you choose “Notify me,” each incoming call triggers an onscreen message, asking you whether you want the PC to answer as a fax machine. And if you choose “I’ll choose later”, you can postpone the decision and get on with sending your first fax.

Note: At this point, the Windows Firewall may interrupt to ask if it’s OK for Windows Fax and Scan to run. Click Unblock when it happens.

Finally, you arrive in a new Vista program called Windows Fax and Scan. It looks like an email program, complete with an Inbox, a Sent Items folder, and so on. In fact, a New Fax window (like a New Message window) awaits you.

Add the recipient’s fax number

Type the recipient’s fax number into the “To:” box. or click the tiny envelope next to “To:” to open up your Windows Contacts list. Double-click the name of the contact to whom you want to send the fax. He must be capable of receiving the fax.

Choose a cover-page design from the Cover Page pop-up menu.

If you do, then a new text box opens up, where you can type a little note, which also appears on the cover page.

Note: You can ignore the main message box at the bottom of the window for now. It’s intended for creating faxes from thin air, as described below, rather than faxes that began life as documents on your PC.

At this point, you may want to choose “View Preview’ (or click the tiny Preview icon on the toolbar) to give it a final inspection before it goes forth over the airwaves. When you’re finished looking it over, click Send in the toolbar.

Send the document

To send the document, Click Send.Your modem dials, and the fax goes on its merry way. A status dialog box appears (although its progress bar doesn’t actually indicate how much time remains). You can go do other work on the PC; when the fax goes through, a cheerful message appears in your notification area.

Your recipient is in for a real treat. Faxes you send straight from your PC’s brain emerge at the receiving fax machine looking twice as crisp and clean as faxes sent from a standalone fax machine. After all, you never scanned them through a typical fax machine’s crude scanner on your end.

If you use vista Home or Home premium, you can try out this email fax alternative to print over internet.

5 comments on “Send faxes in windows vista by turning your PC’s built-in fax modem into a fax machine

  1. I assume that the fax feature works only over a dial-up modem and regular phone line. So to receive a fax, you need to have the computer always connected to the phone line. Right? I wish it were possible to send faxes over a DSL (or cable) connection.

    Alek Davis’s last blog post..Microsoft ate my uninstaller

  2. faxing can use only analog phone lines and analog fax modems…However having DSL or Cable does not prevent faxing, as long as your 56k modem and standard analog telephone line are still connected. Most people have this, even if they also have DSL or Cable.

  3. Too bad that for marketing reasons the Fax feature is not included in Vista Home or Premium, while XP had it in both editions.
    You need 3rd party software.

  4. i think this available to professional, I have home edition vista and there is not any fax capability.

  5. There is no Fax Icon when I go to File/Print. It just lists my printers, nothing about fax?

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