Send free sms to any mobile in India

Send free SMS to any mobile network in India with way2sms. This a free tool for text messaging to any mobile network in India. You can even send SMS to group contacts.

What is even better with way2sms is it is available as a firefox extension – Way2SMS Toolbar. You can send free text messages by directly logging in from this toolbar.Sending the free SMS is as simple as typing the mobile number, the message, and clicking send.

Features of way2sms:

  • Auto-Login with Firefox Open
  • Rememeber Username & Password
  • PhoneBook to Send SMS Fast
  • Add Contacts to Phone book from the Toolbar
  • Automatic New Version Notifier
  • Shortcut keys to SMS fast
  • Excellent Professional Looks
  • Easy Interface

Register with Way2SMS, free download the firefox toolbar extension and send free sms to any mobile in india.

2 comments on “Send free sms to any mobile in India

  1. This site is very useful we can send same message to group of people very easily.way2sms saves money and time too.

  2. Thanks for the info. How i wish we have the same free sms service here

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