sesame street videos on the web

sesame steet is a popular TV show(in U.S.A) for children.Children learnt alphabets, tolerance for peoples’ differencesand about friendship.Now you can watch the sesame street videos on the web for free and children all over the world are sure to enjoy these videos.

Go to to watch sesame steet videos.Sesame street characters get lined up at the top.Click them to watch videos of your favourite character.You can even search for a keyword and check out the videos.You will also see a list of keywords Under each video you play. Those are the keywords that you could have searched with to find that video.

Do you want to know how the sun and moon came to live in the sky? Search for “moon” or “how the sun and moon came to live in the sky” in the search box.Also do check out cookie monster’s “C is for cookie” video and have fun.Spread the word among children.They are sure to love these sesame street characters and a lot to learn.

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