Share PC and work parallely with Teamplayer

Multiple users can now simultaneously work on a single PC or computer system with TeamPlayer.This software has a free version that supports a maximum of three users and a commercial version that can support any number of parallel users.

TeamPlayer is probably the first software that lets multiple users to work on the same PC, simultaneously. Install the software and then sharing the PC among multiple users is as simple as connecting extra mice and keyboards to the USB ports. Multiple cursors will then appear on the computer screen, that can be controlled by users.

Work simultaneously on same PC

Features of Teamplayer:

  • Allows multiple mice/keyboard/ tablets to work together on ONE PC
  • Increases the effectiveness of your meetings
  • Fully integrates with Windows XP and Windows Vista

TeamPlayer works on windows vista/XP. You can work together on data models, UML diagrams, excel sheets and any windows application.The software would also make it possible for two or more players to play games. Until now, we had been playing PC games with a virtual opponent (PC).But this software could support PC games between real opponents. Do game developers see a potential here?

Free download Teamplayer and enjoy doing team work.

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