Work smart with short breaks

Take short breaks between work with the short break reminder Worksmart.This is a real smart tool to use for not only short breaks but also as reminders for your taother tasks.

Are you one who forgets to take breaks at regular intervals? or are you one who does not work with a time plan? then you definitely need this short break reminder tool – Worksmart.The tool has been intended to remind you about coffee breaks in between work but it is up to your creative abilities to configure and use it as you wish.Ofcourse short coffee breaks are essential to refresh yourself.

Take short breaks and work smart

How to work smart with this short breaks reminder tool?

Configure the start time, end times and lunch break at work and then configure several pauses for short breaks across the day.Worksmart is also a very good tool that helps you to fill up your time sheets in office through its inbuilt statistics tool that calculates the amount of time you actually spend on each task.This can be extremely useful to track the effort spent on each activity.These reports would definitely be useful to work smart and improve your productivity further.

Worksmart works in windows vista/xp and is very simple to use.However you cannot set up more than ten pauses.Do you need more than that for short breaks? Now free download this tool and work smart with frequent short breaks.

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