Smart Defrag – Free Download to defragment disk in Windows XP, 7, Vista

Disk defragmentation is an essential routine for PC owners. This is because disk fragmentation is the primary cause for slow or unstable PC performance. How often we see people complaining about a slow PC but fail to defrag their disk for years together?

It is common knowledge that as our computer get older, its performance degrades.This is because of creating and saving many files, downloading music and movies etc. But you can still keep your computer in good condition and ensure good performance by using some some smart cleanup utilities. Disk Defrag tools help to defragment the fragmented disk on your PC and should definitely be available in your clean up toolkit.

Though Windows has its own disk defrag utility, there are also several good third party utilities which are much more powerful than the default defragmentation utility in windows.Smart Defrag is one such popular free disk defragmenter from Iobit.

Smart Defrag has a intuitive interface that any computer user, including a novice, will find it easy to use.But behind this simple interface is a powerful and fast defragmenting engine that works very well with large hard drives in modern computers.

Smart Defrag

What makes this utility really smart is the fact that it does much more than simple defragmentation. It streamlines the PC file system and places the frequently used files and directories into the fastest area of the disk, thereby enabling your computer to perform efficiently and with the most stability. Smart Defrag is always “ON” and works in the background continuously. It is all automatic and you wouldn’t even realize that you have this utility running in the background. But it continually and constantly keeps your computer free from fragmentation.

Besides, unlike other “Automated” Defragmenters, Smart Defrag does NOT constantly perform analysis and defrag, which does damage your hard drive and shorten its life. Smart Defrag has a “Safe Intelligence” technology that can assure the health of your disk by deciding “When” and “How” to execute defragmentation.

Smart Defrag requires a DVD or CD-ROM drive, 30 MB of free hard disk space, 256 MB of RAM and at least a 300 MHz processor.

Smart Defrag works in windows XP, vista and Windows 7. Free download this automated disk defragmenter from here and enjoy a high performing PC.

Smart Defrag – Free Download to defragment your fragmented disk in windows xp, windows 7 and vista.This automatic disk defrag utility ensures high PC performance and keeps it stable

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