Smart UAC for Windows XP and Vista

Enhance windows vista UAC with Smart UAC Replacement. Microsoft introduced UAC (User Account Control) in windows vista for better security. However many were frustrated with the poor usability of vista UAC. The frustration was so high that many even disable UAC in vista, despite the threats to their PC security.

Many appreciated microsoft’s promise to improve UAC’s usability in windows 7.However do you want to wait until the release of windows 7 next year? The good news is, you don’t have to wait until next year.From now on, you don’t have to disable UAC or turn off UAC in vista, as now you have Smart UAC that gets rid of those annoying endless alerts and confirmation messages. Smart UAC Replacement determines automatically, according to its settings, if a certain program’s action can be allowed or not. It remembers the choice you selected in the alert window and applies it automatically during subsequent uses of the program, until you choose to change the setting again.

What is even better with Smart UAC is it tracks harmful and suspicious processes by checking against a database of of more than 4,00,000 known malicious processes, and prevents their activity automatically. Smart UAC Replacement also fights rootkits that manage to hide in your PC. Smart UAC also prevents operating system damage by restricting access to the essential files and folders, for potentially malicious programs.Moreover Smart UAC’s security settings are fully customizable giving you greater degree of control.

UAC for windows XP, 2000 and 2003

Features of Smart UAC:

  • Determines automatically , according to its settings, if a certain program’s action can be allowed or not
  • Tracks harmful and suspicious processes and prevent their activity
  • Training mode allows you to define activities, which will require your agreement “on fly”
  • prevents damage to operating system by restricting access to essential parts of computer to potentially malicious programs
  • Simplifies PC protection by automatically detecting unknown malicious programs via extensive database
  • Monitors and stops rootkit programs, which hide the fact of their existence in your computer
  • Unlimited subscription on regular database updates guarantees the high level of PC security
  • Fully customizable security rules

Smart UAC can also work on windows XP, windows 2003 and windows 2000, apart from vista.Thus if you are running windows XP, you can even enhance PC security by getting UAC (User Account Control) with smart UAC.

Free download Smart UAC for windows XP and vista and get better usability and PC security.

Smart UAC for vista, windows xp, 2000 and 2003 (video):

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