Sony Ericsson Theme Creator To Easily Create Sony Ericsson Themes

Personalize the look and feel of your favorite Sony Ericsson mobile phone with themes created using Sony Ericsson Theme Creator. This is a free software from Sony Ericsson to create new themes and to edit existing ones and save them. The software has all the design components needed to create attractive themes like color palettes, sound files, image files and animations.

Sony Ericsson Theme Creator has a new user interface that simplifies the task of creating themes. It is easy to create professional themes, with the help of work-flow and wizards, in a few simple steps. You need not possess any specific skills to create themes.

How To Create Themes using the Sony Ericsson Theme Creator?

The application is not a graphic editing tool, but more of a “composer” i.e. it enables you to create a theme based on existing components such as color palettes, sound files, image files or animations. It also allows you to change display colors for menu text, clock display and many others.

Using this tool, themes can be edited in three different modes:

  • Wizard mode
  • Advanced mode
  • XML editor mode

Creating Sony Ericsson Themes In Wizard Mode

The Wizard allows the user to create a theme in three basic steps. However, this mode does not work for creating Symbian phone themes, and is hidden for Symbian phone models.

  • Select a color scheme using automatic color combination or a color wheel tool. There is also an “Import Adobe Swatch Exchange file” button, that allows the user to import Swatch Exchange files created with the Adobe Kuler system and use these swatches for color schemes in the the Theme Creator. The preview screens in this pane are updated as and when the color scheme has changed
  • The next step provides controls to import background images for the Standby Wallpaper, Desktop and Navigation screens. This step only shows screens supported in the theme definition of the selected phone. Clicking the “Import” button below one of the screens or clicking in one of the screen areas opens a dialog where the image to use for that screen can be selected. Note that images imported for backgrounds are not affected by the color scheme settings
  • The third step involves selecting a style from one of the pre-defined styles, affecting the shapes and colors of certain screen areas, for example, tab areas and highlighted list items. When a style is selected, images of the corresponding style is generated for these items and are given the colors selected in Step 1. The preview screens are then updated with the new style
Sony Ericsson Theme Creator

Creating Sony Ericsson Themes In Advanced Mode

The Advanced Mode provides options to edit or create specific components. The most important features of the Advanced editor are the following.

  • The tabs are used to select group of theme elements to edit. The Import buttons are used to select images for elements. When an Import button is pressed, an “Open” dialog is displayed so the wanted image file can be selected and imported to the theme element
  • Color settings for text items, outlines and backgrounds can be entered directly into the text fields or selected via a “Color Picker” dialog, which is displayed when a color box is clicked
  • Image and color changes are immediately reflected in the preview images. you can see them by moving the mouse cursor over a graphic element area, as illustrated in the image below
Create Sony Ericsson Themes

Creating Sony Ericsson Themes In XML Editor Mode

This mode allows the user to edit the content of the XML file which is saved inside the theme file. This is practical, for example, when the user wants to add an element that is not supported by the currently selected phone profile but can be handled by the target phone.

The XML editor is a basic text editor, where the XML file of the current theme is displayed, when the editor is opened.

Make Sony Ericsson Themes

For .thm themes (Sony Ericsson feature phones) the user can add images and colors not supported by the currently selected phone profile. For .utz themes (Symbian/UIQ phones) the user can add “condensedColorScheme”, wallpapers, system Sounds and skins, skin patches and skin texts. When the user adds an element requiring an image file or sound file to be specified, the full, absolute path of the file must be specified for Themes Creator to be able to import the image or sound into the theme file. Clicking the “Insert file name” button opens a dialog where the user can specify the path and the file.

When the user changes the editor mode from XML Editor to another mode (either Advanced editor or Wizard), the XML code is reformatted and rearranged to the standard. When pressing “Apply” in the XML editor, a validator checks the consistency of the XML code and all the elements in the code. If, for example, the code contains elements that do not belong to the currently selected phone model or if some file specifications are missing, the validator presents warnings in a list below the code window. If the user double clicks a warning in the list, the cursor moves to the line of code that the warning refers to. If the list contains only warnings, the XML code can be saved and the XML editor be exited. If there are errors, which would make the XML file unusable, the file cannot be saved and the XML editor cannot be exited, unless the user agrees that all changes will be lost.

Free Download Sony Ericsson Theme Creator from here and enjoy creating themes for your Sony Ericsson Mobile Phones.

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