How to add speech bubbles to photos free?

Add awesome speech bubbles to any of your digital photos, share them with friends and others and enjoy! The digital pictures can be in JPG, BMP, TIF or PNG file formats.

Though digital photos or pictures can as such convey a thousand words or more, speech bubbles can help you add those extra comical effects to your characters in the digital photos.If you are looking for ways to add cool speech bubbles to digital pictures, you may go to Speechable, a free service to add speech bubbles to photos.

You just need to ensure that your digital photo is in an acceptable format i.e. .JPG, .BMP, .TIF, or .PNG image format. If you are ready, go to Speechable here and upload your photo.If it is on your computer, you may click on “From Your PC” and browse to the folder where you have stored your digital photo, to upload it. If the photo is already present on a server and is accessible online through an URL, click “From an URL” and specify the URL to the photo in the resulting dialog. Also ensure that any firewall software on your computer is configured to allow access to “Speechable”, if you face any connection issues.

After your photo is uploaded, you can see it on the screen.Note that it might take a few seconds or even a few minutes to upload the photo, depending on the size of the photo. Ensure that the digital photo is not larger than 800 pixels by 600 pixels. Larger images are automatically re-sized to the largest acceptable size.

How to add speech bubbles to photos?

Watch the following video to learn how to add speech bubbles to photos.

That is it! Wasn’t that easy to add cool speech bubbles? You can then share this photo with your friends and dear ones.You can also save the photo to your PC by right clicking on it and choosing “Save image as…” in your Firefox browser.

Adding Speech bubbles to photos

A tutorial on how to add cool speech bubbles to photos for free.A free online service to add any kind of speech bubble to your digital photo or picture.

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