Speed startup of windows vista/XP/2000/9x on your PC with free Startup Manager

Startup Manager is a free utility for windows vista, XP, 2000 or any other windows operating system. Startup Manager lets you control the windows startup programs.

Why should you use Startup Manager for your windows vista/XP/2000/9x running systems?

Whevever you start your computer/PC running windows vista/XP/2000/9x operating systems, quite a few programs load up with them.This may significantly slow down the computer/PC startup. These startup programs may be called from windows registry, startup folders or win.ini. Manually culling these programs from these locations may be a time consuming task.

How does Startup Manager help?

However here is Startup Manager for you. Startup Manager is a nice little utility that shows you each of these locations in a single, easy to use interface. Startup Manager shows you what is going to be loaded at startup from each of those locations. All you need to do is untick the items that you no longer want to start when you boot up your windows vista/XP/2000/9x running computer systems/PC.

The list of startup programs can expand very quickly. It often grows without the knowledge of the computer system’s owner. Hence one should keep a tab on them at regular intervals, to keep his/her computer system/PC running lean.

How does Startup Manager work?

Startup Manager (st-m) works by using an opensource framework called Win32++, that provides all basic features needed to create a clean, object orientated Windows application and also some more advanced features such as splitter bars, custom drawn rebars and custom drawn menu bars.

Free download Startup Manager:

Free download Startup Manager here.Startup Manager is definitely a very useful program for users running windows vista/XP/2000/9x operating systems.

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  1. installing some other software may also lower the windows performence .

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