Spice India now develops a £10 mobile

Spice, an Indian telecom group has unveiled a £10 (Rs.800 approximately) phone that is targeted towards the lowest market segment.This may be considered as an equivalent of Tata’s world’s cheapest car – Tata Nano to be priced at £1,250, in the mobile handset segment.

Spice will begin selling its so called “people’s phone” in asian markets from next month.This handset will not have a screen and has jettisoned all non-essential features.As the Spice chairman Bhupendra Kumar Modi says,

It is just a phone and we hope to sell about 10 million handsets in the next year

Spice have also suggested that one could even expect a £5 mobile very soon.

According to Telecom industry, the number of mobile phone owners is expected to be four billion over a period of next three years.The majority of the next billion mobile phone owners(currently three billion) will be from Asia, Africa and South America and players like spice will be well positioned to capture this market segment.

Cheap Indian products like Tata Nano are making headlines all over the world and Spice’s “people’s phone” – a cheap mobile phone, is the latest among the list.

Will India be the next china? Let us hope that they will do it with all goodness.

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  1. They should have had a small screen atleast.

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