Split File and Join Part Files with Free 001 File Manager

Are you looking for a free file splitter utility to split a large file into multiple parts so that it becomes easy to distribute? Then try the free 001 File Manager.

Quite often we find the need for a file splitter and merger, when we want to split a file into multiple parts, so that they can be copied to multiple CDs or DVDs or USB sticks. I often found this need when I wanted to carry a large video file or mp3 or any other media file or even a zip file. Because of the physical size limitations of the USB stick or DVD or CD, I would want to split the large file into multiple parts and carry them in multiple CDs or DVDs or USB sticks. I would also want the ability to merge these files together, after loading them to another PC. Well, this is exactly what the free 001 File Manager helps me to do i.e. split any large file into multiple parts and them merge them all together.

001 File Manager is a portable software and it does not require any installation. So it can be carried on any media including a USB stick and used whenever there is a need to split a large file.

How to split a file with 001 File Manager?

  • Free Download 001 File Manager from here
  • Extract the rar file into any folder on your PC
  • Run the application – OO1 File Manager. Make sure that you have .NET framework 2.0 or more installed on your PC. If you don’t have it, you can download the .NET framework from here
Split File
  • 1. Run the application and choose the Divide tab
  • 2. Click the Add Files button and add the file you want to split. The source file can be of any size or of any type.
  • 3. You will then be asked to specify a destination location for saving the split files.
  • 4. Next, specify the Parts Count (number of parts you want to split) and Part size (in Bytes, KB, MB or GB) at the bottom.
  • 5. Click the start icon t start splitting the file.

001 File Manager takes care of splitting the file into multiple parts of the specified number and size. It saves the split files in the specified destination (step 3 above). You can copy these split files into any storage media and carry them with you.

How to merge the split files with 001 File Manager?

This file splitter is unlike the free mp3 splitter or video splitter which cut mp3 or video files into multiple playable files.

Unlike those tools, you cannot split a video file into multiple parts and play each file on its own. You may also not be able to merge a few of the split files and play them like you do with a video joiner.

You will have to join all the split files together with 001 File Manager, to use the file again. To merge the split files, copy them to the remote PC. Load the software (001 File Manager) as well on the remote same PC.

Join Files
  • open 001 File Manager.
  • Navigate to Merge tab.
  • click Add file(s) from another location button and add all the parts.
  • Specify the destination location for the merged file.
  • click the Start icon at the bottom of the screen to start merging the files.

001 File Manager takes care of merging the parts into one whole file. What is good about this free utility is it automatically recognizes the file type of the split files. It thus merges the split part into the correct file type and it becomes easy to open the merged file in windows.

Download and use the free 001 File Manager to split and merge large files.

You can also check out the other free file splitting utilities to split files.

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