Stay upto date on who links to your blog via Google Reader

The foremost method to make a site optimized for Google search engine is getting backlinks and the best way to know

  • who links to your blog and
  • the total number of such links

is ofcourse Google Webmaster Tools.But you can get alerted of who links to your blog via Google blog search.

Goto Google blog search and type in the search blox.For example, I will do a blog search for links to this site as results would show a sample of such links.However Google had long stopped providing a comprehensive list of links via the link command.

How to stay upto date on who links to your blog?

You would also notice at the bottom of the search results, three links for staying upto date on who links to your blog.For this blog the links were

  • Create an email alert for link:
  • Add a blog search gadget for link: to your Google homepage
  • Subscribe to a blog search feed for link: in Google Reader

Thus you can get alerted via email,via gadget on you igoogle(personalised Google home page) and you can also subscribe to a blog search feed for link: in Google Reader.Subscribing to blog search feed for incoming links via google Reader is a relatively new feature.

WordPress dashboard would also provide a preview of such incoming links.Clicking “More” will take you to Google blog search

7 comments on “Stay upto date on who links to your blog via Google Reader

  1. Interesting that Google just updated my blog backlinks

    kuanhoong’s last blog post..Buy a Flickr Pro gift and get 3 months free for yourself

  2. Nice find. I use the wordpress dashboard to find incoming links.

    Nirmal’s last blog post..How to Control your PC from a Symbian Phone

  3. For me also WordPress DashBoard is sufficient. Occasionally I use Technorati also.

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  4. Nice tip buddy. I might try this out.

    Brown Baron’s last blog post..Brown Talk #32: Community Day Sunday

  5. Nice tip Buddy !!!!

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  6. i use email alerts for this. nice tip

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  7. Nice tips here buddy! I have to try adding the blog search feed to my RSS reader and maybe try to recude some clutter in my inbox if Google alerts and the search feed provide the same result.
    I did do a post on using Google alerts to stay on top of a lot of things, especially bloggers!

    K-IntheHouse’s last blog post..Bye Bye Joost – Here Comes Open Source Miro

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