stop calculating your google supplemental ratio

Google stopped labelling urls as “Supplementary Results”, a few months ago.Now Google is nearing a next major milestone, where the artificial difference between the main and supplementary index will be eliminated and the supplementary index will be completely merged with the main index.Now, what does this mean?

Google will now search deep for every query to return more appropriate results.i.e. Google will search only one index for all queries.So, stop calculating your google supplemental ratio.

Google Webmaster Central blog says:

From a user perspective, this means that you’ll be seeing more relevant documents and a much deeper slice of the web, especially for non-English queries. For webmasters, this means that good-quality pages that were less visible in our index are more likely to come up for queries.

The blog adds,

Hidden behind this are some truly amazing technical feats; serving this much larger of an index doesn’t happen easily, and it took several fundamental innovations to make it possible. At this point it’s safe to say that the Google search engine works like nothing else in the world…

Supplementary index often included pages with lower PageRank or those with more complex URLs.Earlier, pages from supplementary index had no chances of hitting the front page for queries on any keyword.But this might change soon.

Now what is the fate of pagerank? How useful it is to have a pagerank? An interesting discussion thread here in Google groups.

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  1. I never knew that. Thanks for sharing. BTW why don’t you write more SEO posts. You only have one post in your SEO category. Expecting some out of the hood SEO posts soon. Don’t make me wait too long. 😀

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