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Flash Manager, a free SWF Player and Converter

Download Flash manager and enjoy the free flash player and converter. We earlier told you on how you could download Flash Player 10 for any OS like windows, mac or Linux and even mobile platforms like android. Here is a cool SWF player and converter for windows called flash manager and it is much more than a simple flash player.

Flash is a great way for delivering rich media content on the web. The all new adobe flash player 10.1 is now available for the popular computer and mobile platforms. You can download Flash Player 10 and view flash content, in any website, through any of your favorite browser. But if you like to do more on the flash content(SWF files) in your windows desktop, then flash manager is a handy free software to have.

Flash Manager Features

SWF Player

Here are some some cool stuff that you can do with this free flash manager.

Convert any SWF file to EXE. You could thus run the converted flash files, in any computer, without the need for any player. You could even zip and share the executable file with any of your friends and they could all view the flash content, irrespective of whether they have a flash player or not.

Flash manager also lets you search for flash files, available in any of your computer drives or the temp folder that stores temporary internet files. Whenever you watch any flash content on the web, they are downloaded to the temp folder (path to temporary internet files) and played.This utility will be handy to search for any such downloaded flash files, which are still available in the temp folder.

You could also download flash files from any web page or create a play-list of your favorite flash content. However, the tool only downloads flash files from straight paths and not from any encrypted paths.

Free Download SWF Player and Converter – Flash Manager

Flash Manager works on windows 7, vista and windows xp. For windows xp and earlier versions of windows, you need to download and install .NET Framework 2.0. Download Flash Manager and enjoy the free all-in-one SWF Player.

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