How to create Table of Contents in Word 2007 or 2010?

Any professional documentation created using microsoft word or any other document editor will have a Table of Contents. It is an index page that contains references (links) to various sections in the document.Table of Contents makes documents more readable by letting users to quickly jump to the sections that they are more interested in.Here we will see how to create Table of contents in Word 2010 or Word 2007.

The easiest way to create a Table of Contents (abbreviated as TOC) in Microsoft Word 2007 or Word 2010, is to use the built-in heading styles.These are pre-defined formatting applied to a heading and microsoft word provides built-in styles from Heading 1 through Heading 9.You can also create a table of contents which is based on the custom styles that you have applied. Or you can assign the table of contents levels to individual text entries.Find below the steps to create Table of contents from the styles gallery in Microsoft Word.

How to create Table of contents?

The first step in creating a simple Table of Contents is to mark entries by using the built-in heading styles.

Marking entries for Table of contents

  • 1.Select the text that you want to appear in the table of contents.
  • 2.On the Home tab, in the “Styles” group, click the style that you want.For example, if you selected text that you want to style as a main heading, click the style called “Heading 1” in the “Quick Style” gallery.If you don’t see the style that you want, click the arrow to expand the Quick Style gallery.If the style that you want does not appear in the Quick Style gallery, press CTRL+SHIFT+S to open the “Apply Styles” task pane. Under “Style Name”, click the style that you want.
Word Heading Styles

Creating and inserting Table of contents

  • 1.Click at the location where you want to insert the table of contents. The TOC is usually inserted at the beginning of the Word document.
  • 2.On the “References” tab in the “Table of Contents” group, click “Table of Contents”, and then click the style you want to apply.
Table of contents

If you have a huge document with several different sections and subsections, you can also choose to have one Table of contents for the main sections, at the beginning of the document, and several Table of contents, one for each section (referenced from the main TOC).

That is it! If you want to specify more options — for example, how many heading levels to show — click “Insert Table of Contents” to open the Table of Contents dialog box.

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