Get better control on windows processes with Task manager extension

Enhance the task manager in vista or your windows xp task manager, with this free Task Manager Extension (TaskManagerEx).This task manager extension enhances the windows xp task manager or your vista task manager by enhancing its basic functionalities and providing more control on all processes, running on your computer/PC.

Task manager extension lets you view modules used by processes, process memory maps, used kernel handles, opened files and file properties.

Quite often you may find several SVCHOST.EXE processes through your basic windows task manager.Some of them may be cpu intensive or may be a memory hog.Task manager extension lets you detect the service running the selected process.You can also get the command line for any process in the system.

Task manager also helps you detect viruses and trojans by letting you see more information about suspicious processes and executable modules.

Features of Task manager Extension:

  • Show Application icons in Process list (if available)
  • Use different color for services
  • Find a used file by any process. (Use * as file name for showing every used file.) (The search is a full text search, so for example you can use the extension only.)
  • Find a used module by any process. (The search is a full text search, so for example you can search for “kernel”.)
  • Show Process ID in Applications tab
  • Use different color for processes if the CPU usage reaches a given limit (25%, 50%, 75%)
  • Query list of every file, handle, module, window used by a given process
  • Close a used file (you can unlock an exclusively opened file, so you can delete it)
  • Unload a used module (so you can delete it)
  • You can kill services too
  • End process swiftly: just press DEL key!

Find out some great uses for Task manager extension here

Free download Task Manager Extension for vista and XP and enjoy better control of your windows processes.

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