Test memory on your PC with MemTest

Test Memory (RAM) of your computer system with MemTest. This is a free and reliable memory testing software that evaluates the ability of your computer’s memory to store and retrieve data accurately.

Computer memory is one of the most important components in your PC and if it fails to work, then your PC can get into all sorts of trouble. You may experience frequent computer hang-ups, PC crashes and more. One of the most important functions of PC memory is to store and retrieve data.

Memtest is a PC diagnostic tool that lets you check RAM for these functions.Based on its test results, it informs you whether to replace the computer RAM or not. If the PC memory fails these tests, the computer becomes less stable and it will write corrupted data to the hard disk.These memory tests are even more important on PCs that are regularly used for memory intensive tasks like gaming and high end graphics.It is also advisable to run memory tests when you buy a new computer and install new RAM, or when you change the configuration of your machine.

Though you can try to resolve many memory related problems by tweaking and optimizing RAM, it is always better to use a free tool like MemTest that reveals memory bugs and errors instantly.

MemTest works on windows vista or XP.Free download MemTest to your computer and test memory.

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