Test Mobile Sites

If you are looking for a tool to test mobile sites, then you must download and use Keynote MITE.This is a desktop application that lets you test your mobile website for a wide range of devices. It has a library of over 1600 device profiles that allows users to emulate practically any device profile, to test and validate mobile content and services!

How To Test Mobile Sites?

  • Download Keynote MITE from here and activate it
  • Select a mobile site that you want to test
  • Pick a profile for the mobile device you want to test from MITE’s extensive library or create your own.It contains detailed information about the device and the user agent string
  • Navigate through it by clicking on links, content and actions you want to test. MITE will record the path you have taken while capturing relevant content information about each page

Features of Keynote MITE:

  • Realistic data testing
  • Instant access to over 1,600 device profiles and 11,000 user agent strings on your desktop. Testing becomes quick and scalable as you may not have to search for user agent strings on the Web
  • MITE lets you access device profiles from your desktop for free. There is no need for device contention, thereby making site validation quick
  • MITE gives you the xHTML source code of the mobile site and highlights syntax warnings in the code
  • You can validate each resource on the site. For example, MITE gives details for each image on the site and checks for content to device compatibility
  • It lets you quickly and easily navigate mobile sites on your desktop
  • It also gives protocol level details such as URL re-directions, Bytes downloaded and Headers sent and received.These details help you understand the performance of the site

While Tryphone.com lets you test mobile phones online, you must download Keynote MITE from here to test mobile sites on various devices. Get started with testing your content for mobile web, messaging and streaming using this freeware.

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