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Download the Periodic Table application and learn the chemical elements in an interactive fashion. This free Chemistry Table application uses the latest educational software technology to bring chemistry to life.

What is the Periodic Table?

The periodic table is a significant reference table in the science of chemistry and it arranges all the chemical elements known to this world so far, in an array from left to right and top to bottom in the order of increasing atomic number. This order generally coincides with increasing atomic mass.

The different rows of elements in the periodic table are called periods. An element’s periodic number signifies the highest energy level occupied by an electron in that element, when it is in an unexcited state. The number of electrons in a period increases as one traverses from top to the bottom of the periodic table. Thus, as the energy level of the atom increases, the number of energy sub-levels per energy level increases.

The position of an element on the periodic table determines the element’s electron configuration. All elements arranged in the same column of the periodic table constitute a “Group“. Elements in a group have identical valance electron configurations. Hence, they all behave in a similar fashion chemically.

The periodic Table provides a very useful reference framework to classify, systematize and compare all the known chemical elements.

Download the Periodic Table Application for Free

The periodic table application is interactive and complete with information about atomic mass, atomic number, period number, melting point, boiling point and a detailed description for the chemical elements.

Periodic Table
  • Free download the periodic table application from here for Windows and here for Mac. Double click the EXE file to install it on a PC.If you had downloaded the periodic table for Mac, unzip the downloaded application.
  • After installation, click the desktop icon to open the application in a browser window. A dialog box asking you to click settings to let the application communicate with the internet is thrown. Click “Settings”. Note that the application does work offline and it does not interact with any external website to populate the periodic table
  • Metals, non-metals and Metalloids are shown in different colors in the Periodic Table.
  • To know the atomic mass, atomic number, period number, melting point, boiling point and a detailed description for each chemical element, mouse over the element in the periodic table.
  • There is also a Show menu at the top, through which you can easily identify, in different colors, the Alkaline earth metals, inner transition metals, noble gases, alkali metals, transition metals, representative elements (Metals and non-metals).
  • You can also know the electro-negativity of the elements through the options menu.

Students of Chemistry will find this to be an useful application to study the periodic table on their PC or Mac desktops.Enjoy the free periodic table (chemistry) application.

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