To-Do List Software (Free)

Are you looking for a good To Do List (Task Management) software that is not only free but also good enough to manage your list of tasks in a fast and efficient manner? Then, try out the free version of uTodo which is both a simple and an effective to-do list and GTD (Getting Things Done) software.

When you have a complete list of all the tasks, reviewed and organized in a systematic manner, it becomes easy for you to focus and prioritize them and thus make trusted decisions about what to do (and not do) at any given time. A to-do list software does this function and it is an ideal tool to have to accomplish your tasks in an efficient and productive manner.

uTodo is a To Do List software that facilitates GTD and helps you focus on actionable items.With uTodo, you can manage your tasks in different lists and assign multiple tags to them. uTodo has been designed to create to-do lists with smart keyboard shortcuts. For example, you can press “;” twice to set the due date or “[” to assign tags. It thus helps you to be more productive in managing and completing tasks.

In addition to providing the ability to create quick Tasks list and assign tags, uTodo lets you filter and group tasks by everything i.e. You can not only filter by “Lists”, “Tags”, “Dates”, “Priorities” or “Done” state of the tasks, but also group your items automatically, to have a better view of the to do list.

The tasks from uTodo can also be transformed into fully customizable “post-it” notes and pinned to your desktop. You can change the font, colors, transparency level or you can make your note stay on top of all applications.

To-Do List Task manager

Features of To Do List Software – uTodo:

  • It is easy to make any to-do list quickly whenever you want.
  • The software essentially makes it easy to organize tasks in to-do lists.
  • The freeware makes it easy to filter, sort and group Tasks by any chosen criteria.
  • The tool is designed to make it easy to use by providing keyboard shortcuts for all functions.
  • The tool also makes it easy to export the list of Tasks in text and HTML formats.
  • The developers have also designed several skins and you may choose to apply any of them on the interface.
  • The software also provides a Task note editor with support for hyperlinks.
  • The tool also makes it easy to create sticky notes for the tasks and these can be pinned to your desktop for quick reference.
  • It also auto-saves entries.

uTodo works on Windows 7, Windows Vista or windows XP.Free download uTodo from here and enjoy managing your To-Do Listor Tasks.

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