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Entity Analysis Tool

How to use this Tool?
Enter the URL of the webpage of your competitor, whose content you want to analyse. Click Submit. You will get a list of Entities identified by Google's NLP API, in such content, and their salience scores.
How to use the Entities in your content?
1) Get the phrases/terms in which all the relevant Entities identified by this tool were used in your analysed competitor's content.
2) Use those terms/phrases (along with the Entities) in your content. This is to make sure that all relevant co-occurring phrases/terms are adequately covered in your content
3) The trick to use Entities is you shouldn’t go deep into what you consider as Entities. The salience scores will help you in determining the Entities you definitely want to use. Further you should use your judgement on whether the entitites are relevant for the topic your are covering in your content.
4) And be natural in building your content by covering co-occurring phrases/terms (along with the Entities) that you had identified from your competitor's content.