Translate word documents and powerpoint files with DocTranslate

Translate word documents and PowerPoint files from one language to another using DocTranslate

This is a free language translation program for Microsoft word and powerpoint.

DocTranslate is a simple language translation program that lets you translate any word document via google translate ( APIs. This free software lets you automatically translate documents in a single click, without loosing the layout. It also lets you improve the automatic translation and perform mass edits.

The program can even be run on a directory of word documents (and/or ppt files), to translate all files inside such directory from one language to another.

DocTranslate works only if you have Office 2003 or Office 2007 installed and it also needs Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 or higher installed on your PC.

How to install DocTranslate?

  • Subscribe to DocTranslate here. On doing so, you will receive a mail with a valid License number.
  • Free download DocTranslate and unzip it to any desired location on your PC.
  • Click on setup.exe file under the DocTranslate directory
  • Enter the license number. Otherwise, you will only be able to use the demo version

How to use the free word translation program?

To translate a single word document or powerpoint file,

  • Run the program
  • Select the word or powerpoint file
  • Choose the “From” and “To” languages and click Translate (Blue arrow)
Free translation program for word documents and powerpoint files

You can then improve the automatic translation by selecting the Improvement Tab. After making your modifications in the Translated Text column, Click on “Improve” Button to rebuild the new document, with your improvements.

To translate a a directory of files,

  • Run the program
  • Select the directory (path must end with a ‘\’)
  • Choose the “From” and “To” languages and click Translate (Blue arrow)

All word documents and PowerPoint files in the selected directory will be translated. Note that if you translate files in one language (for eg: french), all files beginning with that language (“fr_” in our example) will be ignored, so that files generated in a previous translation are not translated again.

However, the software is in beta and the current version has a few bugs. In word documents, Specials fields like title or properties are not translated and in PowerPoint files, there are a few issues with vertical tabulations. You will have to do these translations manually in the improvement tab.

Get DocTranslate and enjoy translating word documents and PowerPoint files without loosing the original layout.

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