Tweak windows vista UI with winbubble, a free download

Tweak UI(TweakUI) powertoy for vista is now available in the form of winbubble.Winbubble is a TweakUI (Tweak UI powertoy) powertoy for Windows Vista, and is available for free download.There may be many such tools but winbubble is the closest to TweakUI‘s functionalities.WinBubble, is a freeware application by Lawrence Albert. Microsoft may never release TweakUI for Vista. But don’t bother.You have winbubble.

Winbubble Vista Customizations and Tweaks:

  • change Original Equipment Manufacturer’s Information and Logo without knowing the registry tricks.
  • change Owner Information
  • Take the Ownership of a file to solve the problem of “Access denied” message when opening / moving / deleting a file.
  • Add Disk Clean-up to the context menu (Right-Click Menu)
  • Turn Off/On Aero, to get a minimal boost in performance for Gaming and good Battery Usage
  • Add a winBubble Launcher, No need to create a shortcut for WinBubble.
  • Add Internet Explorer Icon, Network Icon, Control Panel Icon and many more icons.This will save your time in editing the registry one by one.
  • Display the Windows Vista Build number on your Desktop
  • Slow-Down animation
  • Turn Off your monitor, when not in use
  • customize the shortcut icon easily.

Winbubble vista Security Tweaks:

  • Enable/Disable UAC – A security feature in Windows Vista that always ask permission to run or install some applications. But sometimes, it is so annoying; you want to turn it off
  • Hide a specific Drive or ALL Fix Drives
  • Hide Shutdown button and options in the Start Menu
  • Remove New” in Explorer’s Context Menu
  • Remove Folder Options” to prevent anyone from modifying your Windows Explorers settings.
  • Enable/Disable Taskmanager – this is very helpful if a virus disables the task manager
  • Disable AutoPlay in All type of media – This will prevent any worms or other viruses to run automatically when a disc/flash drive is inserted
  • Provide more security by forcing the user to input the Username before entering the windows
  • Disable RUN command in the Start Menu and Task manager
  • Add Encrypt/Decrypt to Explorer’s Right-Click Menu (Context Menu)
  • Disable access to Display Property and Control Panel
  • options to disable writing to USB drive / Flash disk (Read only) and disable the USB drive / flash disk entirely

Winbubble Vista Optimization Tweaks:

  • Turn off Windows Aero.You can turn it on as well
  • Speed up searches
  • Decrease your Boot time by clearing the Multiple Monitor Configuration
  • Speeds up Windows Shutdown by decreasing the Shutdown time for Services.
  • Choose between Security or Performance: Clearing the Pagefile at Shutdown can decrease your shutdown time but it will increase your security.
  • Download more than two files on the same server by increasing the number of Internet connections.
  • Increase your disk performance by disabling the constant updates of last-accessed dates/timestamp in files and folders.
  • Also, Disable the support for old MSDOS 8-character filenames to increased your disk performance. However, make sure that you are not using any old programs.

Winbubble Miscellaneous Tweaks:

  • Customize bubbles, ribbons and mystify
  • Show or remove drive letters in windows explorer
  • Enable Password protect of screensavers
  • Disable/Enable Low disk space checks
  • Disable/Enable Balloon tips
  • Disable/Enable Mobility Center
  • Disable/Enable Windows Sidebar
  • Disable Failed DNS caching
  • Disable Taskbar Thumbnails
  • Disable Win+Letter Keys All at once (Win+E, Win+Pause, Win+D and many more)
  • Easily customize windows vista icons

Free download Winbubble:

Free download Winbubble 1.72 and enjoy tweaking windows vista.

2 comments on “Tweak windows vista UI with winbubble, a free download

  1. Had not heard about this one yet…I’ve used TweakVista, DTweak, VistaTweaker, and TweakUAC. Thanks!

    Aseem Kishore’s last blog post..Phun!

  2. Tweak UI(TweakUI) powertoy was missing for vista and many who used it on XP were looking for an equivalent.Winbubble is the best tweak UI powertoy for windows vista.It is not only good but is also free.

    Try and tell me whether you liked it…

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