URL Rewrite in IIS

Create powerful URL rewrite rules for IIS 7.0 with URL Rewriter. This free component from Microsoft lets you easily set up rules to define URL rewriting behavior based on HTTP headers and server variables, or to perform redirects, send custom responses, or stop HTTP requests based on the logic expressed in the rewrite rules, using rule templates, rewrite maps and other functionality integrated into IIS Manager.

With URL Rewriter, you can create powerful rules using regular expression pattern matching and wildcard mapping to examine information in both URLs and other HTTP headers and server variables. Rules can be written to generate URLs that are easier for users to remember, and that can improve search engine indexing, or to ensure that URLs follow a consistent, canonical host name format.

Features of URL Rewriter:

  • Rules-based URL rewriting engine
  • Regular expression pattern matching
  • Wildcard pattern matching
  • Global and distributed rewrite rules
  • Access to server variables and HTTP headers
  • Various rule actions including redirect and request abort.
  • Support for IIS kernel mode and user mode output caching
  • Lower case conversion function
  • Rewrite maps to generate the substitution URL during rewriting
  • Failed Request Tracing support
  • Built-in rule templates
  • Integrated user interface for testing regular expression and wildcard
  • Integrated user interface for managing rewrite rules and rewrite maps
  • Integrated user interface for importing of Apache mod_rewrite rules

Download URL rewriter from here and create rewrite rules for IIS.

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