USB Backup with Flash Backup

Backup USB data with Flash Backup. This is a free open source tool that lets you easily create backup copies of the content in your USB Flash disk.

Since flash disks are portable and easy to carry, several users prefer to carry them wherever they go. However, flash disks have limited storage, you may have to frequently back up the content to your computer before using them for adding more content.

For example, you are at a friend’s place and you like his collection of songs, which you decide to copy to your USB disk. But the USB disk may already contain other important data and the available storage on the flash disk may not be enough to copy the collection of songs. You will then have to back up the content in the USB disk and completely erase them, to get additional free storage on the disk. It is handy to have tools like “Flash Backup” in your free software repository to back up USB flash content.

Features of Flash Backup

  • With this tool, you can backup the content in the USB flash disk either automatically or manually
  • Flash Backup is a simple tool with a friendly and minimalistic GUI
  • You can even hide the the tool in system tray
  • It can be configured to start at windows start up.
USB Backup

How to backup USB with Flash Backup?

Flash Backup is an easy to use tool.

  • Download and install Flash Backup from here.
  • After installing it, run the tool.
  • Select the “USB Flash disk” whose content you want to backup.
  • Next, choose the destination for the back up by choosing the backup path.
  • Finally, click Backup Now to start backing up the content.

That is all! The contents of the entire USB Flash disk are backed up to the chosen destination folder (Backup path).

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