USB Device Not Recognized Error

How to fix USB device not recognized error in windows 7, vista or windows xp?

– Are you facing issues with your USB device? Is your computer or laptop, running windows, not recognizing it? Then here are some fixes that can probably help you resolve the issue.

USB devices are those that you connect to your computer through the USB ports. For example, I access the internet through my USB modem. There are several other devices like flash drive, external hard drive etc. that can be connected to the computer via the USB port. USB devices are so popular because they let you connect any media, that supports USB connectivity, to your computer.

Turning off power supply

Whenever I faced the issue with a USB device in windows xp, I first check whether the USB device works with other computers or works properly, otherwise.If it works, then I resolve it by disconnecting the USB device, turning off my computer (shutdown) and unplugging it from power supply. After a few seconds, I power on the computer and try connecting my USB device. This usually resolves the issue.

The above technique works in windows 7 and windows vista. If you are using a laptop and if it is connected to a power source, ensure that you disconnect it from the power source.

Alternatively, you can also try powering off the USB hub.

  • 1. Click “Start” and in the “search box” type “device manager”. Click on the link to the “device manager”.
  • 2. Expand “Universal Serial Bus controllers”, right-click a “USB Root Hub” in the list and then click “Properties”. The “USB Root Hub Properties” dialog box is displayed.
  • 3. Click the “Power Management” tab and Click to clear the “Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power” check box. Then click “OK”.
  • Repeat steps 2 and 3 for each USB Root Hub in the list.
  • Then, on the “Action” menu, click “Scan for hardware changes”.

See if the USB device gets recognized.

Troubleshoot the USB Device

If the above technique does not work, then the next step is to run the troubleshooter. In windows 7, click “Start” and in the “Search box” type “Troubleshooting” and press Enter.Click on “Hardware and Sound”.In the next window click “Hardware and Devices” and follow the troubleshooting wizard to see if the issue can be resolved.

USB Device not recognized

Update Device Drivers

You can then try updating the drivers by going to the device manager.Click “Start” and in the “search box” type “device manager”. Click on the link to the “device manager”.Expand “Universal Serial Bus controllers”, right-click a “USB Root Hub” in the list, and then click “Update Driver software…”.

You can instead choose “Properties”, navigate to the “driver” tab and choose to un-install and then re-install the drivers.

Try the above methods to resolve “USB Device not recognized” error.

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