USB and Portable Drive Manager

These days, more and more application developers work on making their applications portable.Portable Apps can be used on any computer and can even be run from a Flash Drive or any other portable drive. CodySafe is a Portable Apps management tool that turns any USB or Portable Drive from a simple data carrier to a PC-on-stick!

With this Portable Apps Manager, you can carry your computer programs with you, manage them, launch them on any PC, without leaving behind any traces. CodySafe also lets you manage your documents, multimedia files and pictures on your flash drive or any other removable media through its user-friendly and gratifying interface.

Portable Apps Manager

Features of CodySafe, a free Portable Apps Manager:

Codysafe has a user-friendly and very stylish interface with the following features.

  • Lets you easily add and remove portable applications
  • You can also manage autoRun applications feature
  • Lets you keep your drive healthy with Drive Doctor
  • Lets you set custom command line parameters
  • You can easily manage documents and pictures, music and video on your removable media
  • You can always know the amount of used and free space of your portable drive

Free download Codysafe from here and enjoy operating you USB flash drive or any other portable hard disk. With CodySafe, the management of your portable documents, multimedia files and pictures has never been that easy. Codysafe gives you the best experience on Windows vista or windows 7 thought you can use it on other versions of Windows too. Enjoy the free software to manage USB and other Portable Drives!

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