Use “snap to” feature of mouse attached to your PC/computer

Do you use your mouse more than your keyboard? If you are an excessive user of mouse who goes back and forth between your mouse and keyboard,here is a small tip to let you protect your arm from tiring out quickly.

The best solution is ofcourse learning keyboard shortcuts for your mouse operations.Most people use their mouse for the most common tasks on the computer.For example, any time they change a setting on their PC/computer, they use their mouse to press OK for it to take effect. Isn’t it a little repetitive to have to press that button every single time? How would you like your mouse to automatically do it for you?How do you do that?

You just have to enable the “snap to” feature for your mouse. Go to Start–>Control Panel.Choose the “Mouse” link(sometimes “Mouse” link may be found inside “Printers and Other Hardware” link) and then click on the “Pointer Options” tab. The second choice there is “Snap To”. Checkmark that box against “Automatically move pointer to the default button in a dialog box” and click “OK”.

mouse properties
From then on, your mouse pointer will automatically move to the default button in any dialogue box. Every time you’re doing something on your computer, the mouse pointer will take care of the finishing touches for you and you won’t have to worry about moving your hand back over to your mouse. Is this simple tip helpful for you?

9 comments on “Use “snap to” feature of mouse attached to your PC/computer

  1. Yes, such small tips are very useful in practical uses, and save you time.

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  2. Yes they do…am glad you liked it..

  3. This is a very useful tip, but problem with this one is that sometimes you may get annoyed as it snaps to the default one.

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  4. i do understand what you say nirmal…yes most of dialog boxes have the defaults set on cancel or NO button…one need to be moving the left arrow keys(assuming that the cancel or NO button is always on the right, in most well designed professional dialog boxes) 🙂

  5. I remember using this tip once. Guess what happened, it got very difficult for me to adjust to it, since you are always used to draggin your mouse to the button, so once any dialog box used to appear, my hand over mouse will automatically move, and hence moving mouse pointer away. And then the second point, since mouse was getting disappeared suddenly, some of my friends had little problem searching where it went ,and third the point mentioned by Nirmal … 🙂

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  6. Kanak, Even if the mouse pointer moves away,the default button on the dialog box will still have the focus. So all you need to do is press “spacebar” or “Enter”.If the default option is not what you want to choose use the arrow keys to navigate to the other button and press “spacebar” or “enter”…

    I am not sure what you meant by mouse getting disappeared…and your friends had problems searching for it ??!! What mouse were they searching for and where?? 🙂

  7. hey sorry, not mouse .. i meant mouse pointer. Since the pointer will suddenly move to the button, My friends ( obviously not form computer’s side ) were having problem in figuring out where the pointer went. Later when i explained them, they were fine with it 😀

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  8. This is a nice feature that I have known about for sometime. What I would like to know is how to make this change permanent. If you need to reboot then you will have to reset the snap to pointer option.

  9. Good little tip this one


    If you look on the picture above, at the bottom it has a box for a tick to show pointer using control button.
    Obviously Kanak’s friend has this set. Just like the bottom taskbar hiding automatically the mouse cursor does the same, so as it’s not in the way when your reading or typing.
    Just press control and your cursor will show.

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