– A Social Networking Site For Social And Business Users is the latest social networking site on the web launched by two 19 year old youngsters, Louis-Junior Tshakoane and Charl Rademan.Their innovative business and social networking website rivals the likes of Facebook and LinkedIn. While Facebook is a platform where users share their social profile, LinkedIn is a platform by professionals and users looking for business connections. is a social networking site where users can share a Social Profile and a Business Profile.While the Social Profile of a user holds information such as personality traits, favourite music, relationship status, interests, social activities and more, the Business Profile would tell you about his/her educational background, employment history, testimonials and resume., social Networking, Social users, Business users

The websites name, ViaLynx was created as a symbol of how people on the network are connected to each other through linking connections and the spelling of links as “Lynx” derives from the founders love for cats.

Louis-Junior Tshakoane, the co-founder and Joint-CEO of, is a certified 3D Designer, Character Animator and Special Effects Specialist.He says, “ is a web service that provides convenience to users allowing them to stay in one portal to have access to all their social and business needs. ViaLynx implements a corporate culture that epitomises entrepreneurship and freedom to its users, clients and employees”.

“It is evident to us that our main goal is to expand the business with sufficient capital reserves as we prepare for rapid user growth, simply because there is no doubt in our minds that ViaLynx will be one of the most popular online networking services in the world”, says Charl Rademan, co-founder and Joint-CEO of who is graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Strategy and Management later this year.

ViaLynx currently offers the following three premium services:

  • Hiring managers and business owners post job vacancies on the ViaLynx Job Centre and candidates upload their profiles.
  • On the ViaLynx Ad Centre, advertisers directly reach their chosen demographics through Cost-Per-Impression and Cost-Per-Click ads.
  • The ViaLynx Online Hard Drive enables business individuals to upload important documents and presentations which allows for easy file sharing with clients and colleagues. Social users can also backup by uploading their desktop data to a secure and trusted location.

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