Video Game Development With Platinum Arts Sandbox

Do you have a dream of creating your own Video Games, to play on your gaming device? Try Platinum Arts Sandbox, a free open source game development software that lets anyone to design and create their own 3D video games.

Video Games are very popular among today’s youngsters and adults. Many kids, youth and adults keep themselves entertained by playing the addictive games on their gaming devices, which could be a Nintendo DS, Wii, PS3, XBox 360 or PS2 or any other. They also dream about creating their own video games. Platinum Arts Sandbox gives them a chance to take the first steps in video game development, through a visually intuitive editor, without requiring them to know any programming language.

Feature of Platinum Arts Sandbox:

  • Kid Friendly, free and Open Source software
  • Editing is done in game, and it can also be done cooperatively over the Internet or LAN
  • Easy enough for kids to use but powerful enough for full game projects
  • Has several different modes, including cart, side scroller, movie and RPG
  • Has several custom maps that feature saving a princess, mazes, houses, quests and more
  • Easy to add map features and content
  • More user friendly and stable than a typical game design software. Everything is done in game, and no compiling is required
  • Powerful scripting language
  • Provides the ability to import md2, md3, md5 and obj model formats
  • Supports several popular sound formats
  • Contains code project files for VS, Code blocks, Linux makefile and Xcode
  • Lots of content already available such as animals, trees, characters, and objects that can easily placed
  • Has Movie-cube for kids to create their own movies and stories
  • Covers many school subjects including Art, Math, English, Earth Science, Physics, CAD, Programming C++, and more

Free download Platinum Arts Sandbox and enjoy your first steps in Game Development by creating your own 3D Video Games!

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